Month: February 2016

Colombo Selenium Meetup

Preview: Colombo Selenium Meetup

It’s that time of year again. Not the T20 World cup. It’s the Colombo Selenium Meetup (CSM), A meetup for automation enthusiasts in the Software Industry.


For the folks who don’t know about CSM, It is an open forum where Selenium users of all skill levels can get together to communicate, learn, network,or just have a good time. This was initiated by 99X Technology in 2012. We have been able to conduct different meetups at different locations since then ( A big thank you to the facilitators including 99XT / WSO2 / Leapset CakeLabs Netstarter )

Your Investment

Apart from time ( and of course, We can’t forget your transportation cost to the venue! ) there are no additional costs to be a part of this meet up. It’s totally free!

Food tips : For all past meetups facilitators were generous enough to provide refreshments ( Thanks again 🙂 ). We do hope that tradition will continue for future meetups as well.

How can you participate ?

Since there are no entrance tickets, all you need to do is participate. But it is always appreciated If you can RSVP your attendance to the meetup in It would be appreciated by the hosts to make necessary arrangements.

Next meet up

Venue: 99X Technology premises

Time: 02nd of March 2016  – 5.45 p.m onward

Topics : Introduction to Automating UI tests for hybrid applications with Appium by Ruzaik Refai of 99XT


See all you enthusiasts there!


Test Automation ( Part 1 )

In software industry nowadays, it is a challenge for any company to continuously maintain and improve the quality and efficiency of software systems development. In many software projects, testing is not happening to a sufficient level due to time or cost constraints. This leads to lack of product quality, followed by customer dissatisfaction and this ultimately leads to increase in overall quality costs.

The main reasons for these added costs are primarily due to:

  • Issues in the test strategy
  • Effort of test case generation is not adequately estimated
  • Development delays always cost testing time
  • Subsequent test maintenance cycles

Test automation can improve many areas in a software product life cycle. In addition to the effectiveness of testing, even the accuracy will be higher when comparing with a manual tester. Therefore, by introducing automation the manual testers can focus more on business scenarios and let the automation suite to work on the functional tests.

The automation of tests are initially associated with increased effort most of the time, but the related benefits will pay off. This is called ‘Return on Investment’.