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Hello El Capitan

As mentioned in a previous post, Latest Mac OS is now released to the public. It’s still in the beta version, So we can expect more unexpected circumstances. I had the luxury to install the new operating system on a Macbook Air and the experience was pretty good ( which I will save for another post ), Today is the day to welcome El Capitan.

Things you need 

  • Apple computer – Of course where else would you install a Mac OS
  • Data Backup Plan – As we are dealing with a beta operating system, we need to make sure the safety of data. Like always, Backup of your data will save you from trouble. You can use Apple Time Machine feature for this.
  • Apple ID – This is needed to be enroll in the apple beta software program. If you don’t have an apple ID, You can create it from here
  • Good Internet connection – El-Capitan OS contains 6GB of files, So a good internet connection will surely avoid slow-internet-connection-disappointments

That’s it, That’s all we need. Let’s see how to do this



Windows update : Cannot check for updates?

Quick post about a problem which I’ve encountered recently when I tried to set up a test environment of Windows 7 machine, I wanted to have a test machine with the latest windows updates. Each time I tried to update the test machine, I couldn’t go beyond the below screen, which was very annoying, considering the time I tried to do this task.


Google suggested few alternative ways to overcome the issue ( like restarting the windows update service from command prompt ) but sadly none of them were working form me.

Finally when I tried to give up updating my test machine, noticed a solution posted on a thread which actually worked for me. Here’s what you actually need to do If you ever encounter such a problem.

  1. Goto start > type services.msc
  2. Scroll down to find Windows Update service
  3. make sure Windows Update service is stopped, else right click and stop it
  4. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ and delete all files in it
  5. Come back to services.msc and start Windows Update service

Here’s the link to the original post 

Image_For_QADummyAbout the Author 
Chamal is a Software Quality Assurance engineer with over 3+ years of experience. When he is not working, he can be found either reading a book or browsing Zomato or Yamu.
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OS X El Capitan

El Capitan ( pronounced as el kap-i-tan ) is the latest Mac OS introduced by Apple. Official public release of El Capitan is coming on this fall, but Apple already released two developer versions and the first public beta release scheduled on next month.  Apple has released the public beta version of El-Capitan OS along with IOS 9 release on 9th of July.

Apple has introduced couple of exciting features to this new OS along with bug fixes and performance improvements to the existing OSs. Below are some of very momentous features of El Capitan.


Working with a Mac OS – Part 1

For the last couple of days I had the luxury to work with Mac devices, which was bit tedious at first. However just like in any other case, It gets quite interesting once you know more about Mac OSs. Here in this blog post, I would like to share few tips which could helpful for anyone who are about to start working on Mac OSs.

Note – I’m using Yosemite OS and Mavericks OS to perform all these tasks

Taking a screenshot

This is not Windows OS. So obviously, ALT + Print Screen combination won’t work, In fact there is no Print Screen button available in Mac keyboard. But Mac keyboard has a unique key, that is Command key – with a symbol of bowan knot, which can be use to take screenshots.

In order to take a screenshot,


Access denied – Call ‘chmod’, May be ?

Have you ever experienced a message saying politely that you have no privileges to perform an action? I am pretty much sure that all of you may have that experience. Like for an example, suddenly your DB server stopped & you have to restart the server to continue your work, but the remote user which you are using has not the right access which Oracle ( DB user ) has ( Yes, We had faced a related situation recently! )

Since we are dealing with servers & most servers are Linux based machines, we need to figure a way to handle permission related things on Linux. So then our speaker, ‘chmod’ comes to action.

There are few things you needed to know before you proceed,

  • r   : Read permission
  • w  : Write permission
  • x   : Execute permission
  • +   : Adding permission
  •  –   : Revoking permission

You can read more about this post in in here

Image_For_QADummyAbout the Author 
Chamal is a Software Quality Assurance engineer with over 3+ years of experience. When he is not working, he can be found either reading a book or browsing Zomato or Yamu.
You can contact him on LinkedIn or twitter

QA Dummy

What is QA Dummy?

QA Dummy is a platform to connect the Sri Lankan Software Quality Assurance professionals.Think of us as your one stop solution provider to software quality assurance problems.

What is your goal/mission ?

Our mission is to become a platform to unite Quality Assurance professionals in Sri Lanka. As of now, we have articles which would benifit to Quality Assurance professionals. We are planning to have more articles / more materials soon.

Basically, We want to be your one stop solution provider.

What are your future plans ?

We have few ideas in our line up,

  • Blogs – We will publish your articles ( It doesn’t matter the complexity of the article )
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  • Forum – Have any question about testing methodologies / testing type ? We will open up a forum to discuss these and industry experts will moderate it.
  • QA Expert Articles a.k.a QA DUMMY – MVT ( Most Valuable Testers ) – We will interview QA experts, We will talk about their experiences. We hope that would be helpful to our fellow colleagues to overcome their problems/ or get some insights on our industry.

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