Troubleshooting Oracle

Are you new to Oracle? Have you been spending tiresome hours troubleshooting Oracle? Well. I would say ‘Yes’, If someone asked me.But I never think that the time has been wasted. Remember – ‘No pain, No gain’ 🙂

Here are things you need to check when using Oracle. Some of these tips may come in handy, If you are struggling with Oracle.

  • Difference of DBA and SYSDBA ?

SYSDBA and DBA are often misunderstood. In short, SYSDBA is a system privilege whereas DBA is a role. The DBA role does not include the SYSDBA or SYSOPER system privileges. SYSDBA and SYSOPER are special administrative privileges that allow an administrator to perform basic database administration tasks, such as creating the database, instance startup and shutdown, drop a database, open and mount a database, place database in archive log mode or remove it from archive log mode.

Control of these privileges is totally outside of the database itself. The SYSDBA and SYSOPER privileges can also be thought of as types of connections that enable you to perform certain database operations for which privileges cannot be granted in any other fashion. For example, if you have the SYSDBA privilege, you can connect to the database by specifying CONNECT AS SYSDBA ( more info )

  • Is your DB server DHCP enabled?

If your server is DHCP enabled, you will get a test failed condition in verification phase. To solve this add a Microsoft loop back adapter

  1. Go to Control panel->Add Hardware
  2. Select Network adapters
  3. Select Microsoft Loop back adapter
  4. Once Installed, configure properties for IPV4 with following static IP values
  • Have you come across a situation where you are in front of the Db server and trying to connect to the database via sqlplus “/ as sydba”, and get the following error ‘ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

One reason might probably be that you have logged in to the DB server not as the administrator.(or probably not as product owner). If that is the case and if you are unable to log in as product owner, and if you still want to log in to database, there is a work around for you.

  1. Delete and recreate a new password file and give password file name and location, and password
    In DOS prompt type
    orapwd file = c:\ora_home\database\pwdfile.ora password=oracle
  2. Restart Oracle database
    Go to Services and restart the service (OracleService)
  3. Now try to log in to DB via sqlplus “/ as sydba” with new password
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Tharinda Liyanage is an Associate QA lead in 99X Technologies. Tharinda has more than 7+ years of experience, also he has hands on experience on Performance testing. Other than breaking the code, he likes blogging. His personal blog
Colombo Selenium Meetup

Preview: Colombo Selenium Meetup

It’s that time of year again. Not the T20 World cup. It’s the Colombo Selenium Meetup (CSM), A meetup for automation enthusiasts in the Software Industry.


For the folks who don’t know about CSM, It is an open forum where Selenium users of all skill levels can get together to communicate, learn, network,or just have a good time. This was initiated by 99X Technology in 2012. We have been able to conduct different meetups at different locations since then ( A big thank you to the facilitators including 99XT / WSO2 / Leapset CakeLabs / Netstarter )

Your Investment

Apart from time ( and of course, We can’t forget your transportation cost to the venue! ) there are no additional costs to be a part of this meet up. It’s totally free!

Food tips : For all past meetups facilitators were generous enough to provide refreshments ( Thanks again 🙂 ). We do hope that tradition will continue for future meetups as well.

How can you participate ?

Since there are no entrance tickets, all you need to do is participate. But it is always appreciated If you can RSVP your attendance to the meetup in It would be appreciated by the hosts to make necessary arrangements.

Next meet up

Venue: 99X Technology premises

Time: 02nd of March 2016  – 5.45 p.m onward

Topics : Introduction to Automating UI tests for hybrid applications with Appium by Ruzaik Refai of 99XT


See all you enthusiasts there!

Say bye to (static) screenshots

Screenshots in a bug report always play a big role. It saves lots of explanation and makes developer’s life easier. But sometimes static screenshot won’t be good enough to convey the message. Screen Recording would be good alternative in this case, But when considering the size of the recorded file, it may also not be the ideal solution.

So how about having a screenshot, with all the steps of a bug. Sounds cool, right ?

Say hello to gif

.gif image format is very small in size and can be easily uploaded to the bug tracking softwares in a few minutes.

How to create a .gif easily

First install ImageMagic via Homebrew ( Instructions on installing Homebrew can be found in here)

$ brew install imagemagick

Let’s take a Gmail login as our example. A user goes to the Gmail login and enters the user name. Then clicks on the Next button and enters the password ( Incorrect one in this scenario ) and clicks on the Sign In button. User gets an error message.



Homebrew is a package manager for OS X. It is designed for installing UNIX tools and other application on MAC OS. No need of drag and drop the .dmg files to the Applications folder.

Homebrew Cask extends the Homebrew capabilities, with this support, it supports to install larger binary files.


Homebrew requires to have Command line tools for XCode on Mac. This can be done by either installing full XCode application from Apple or install only the command line tools, which is the easiest way to do this.

All you need to do is open a terminal and type below command. Then press Enter.

xcode-select –install

Install Homebrew

Type the below command on a terminal & hit Enter.

$(curl -fsSL


Windows update : Cannot check for updates?

Quick post about a problem which I’ve encountered recently when I tried to set up a test environment of Windows 7 machine, I wanted to have a test machine with the latest windows updates. Each time I tried to update the test machine, I couldn’t go beyond the below screen, which was very annoying, considering the time I tried to do this task.


Google suggested few alternative ways to overcome the issue ( like restarting the windows update service from command prompt ) but sadly none of them were working form me.

Finally when I tried to give up updating my test machine, noticed a solution posted on a thread which actually worked for me. Here’s what you actually need to do If you ever encounter such a problem.

  1. Goto start > type services.msc
  2. Scroll down to find Windows Update service
  3. make sure Windows Update service is stopped, else right click and stop it
  4. Go to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\ and delete all files in it
  5. Come back to services.msc and start Windows Update service

Here’s the link to the original post 

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Chamal is a Software Quality Assurance engineer with over 3+ years of experience. When he is not working, he can be found either reading a book or browsing Zomato or Yamu.
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Access denied – Call ‘chmod’, May be ?

Have you ever experienced a message saying politely that you have no privileges to perform an action? I am pretty much sure that all of you may have that experience. Like for an example, suddenly your DB server stopped & you have to restart the server to continue your work, but the remote user which you are using has not the right access which Oracle ( DB user ) has ( Yes, We had faced a related situation recently! )

Since we are dealing with servers & most servers are Linux based machines, we need to figure a way to handle permission related things on Linux. So then our speaker, ‘chmod’ comes to action.

There are few things you needed to know before you proceed,

  • r   : Read permission
  • w  : Write permission
  • x   : Execute permission
  • +   : Adding permission
  •  –   : Revoking permission

You can read more about this post in in here

Image_For_QADummyAbout the Author 
Chamal is a Software Quality Assurance engineer with over 3+ years of experience. When he is not working, he can be found either reading a book or browsing Zomato or Yamu.
You can contact him on LinkedIn or twitter