Say bye to (static) screenshots

Screenshots in a bug report always play a big role. It saves lots of explanation and makes developer’s life easier. But sometimes static screenshot won’t be good enough to convey the message. Screen Recording would be good alternative in this case, But when considering the size of the recorded file, it may also not be the ideal solution.

So how about having a screenshot, with all the steps of a bug. Sounds cool, right ?

Say hello to gif

.gif image format is very small in size and can be easily uploaded to the bug tracking softwares in a few minutes.

How to create a .gif easily

First install ImageMagic via Homebrew ( Instructions on installing Homebrew can be found in here)

$ brew install imagemagick

Let’s take a Gmail login as our example. A user goes to the Gmail login and enters the user name. Then clicks on the Next button and enters the password ( Incorrect one in this scenario ) and clicks on the Sign In button. User gets an error message.




Homebrew is a package manager for OS X. It is designed for installing UNIX tools and other application on MAC OS. No need of drag and drop the .dmg files to the Applications folder.

Homebrew Cask extends the Homebrew capabilities, with this support, it supports to install larger binary files.


Homebrew requires to have Command line tools for XCode on Mac. This can be done by either installing full XCode application from Apple or install only the command line tools, which is the easiest way to do this.

All you need to do is open a terminal and type below command. Then press Enter.

xcode-select –install

Install Homebrew

Type the below command on a terminal & hit Enter.

$(curl -fsSL