QA Dummy

What is QA Dummy?

QA Dummy is a platform to connect the Sri Lankan Software Quality Assurance professionals.Think of us as your one stop solution provider to software quality assurance problems.

What is your goal/mission ?

Our mission is to become a platform to unite Quality Assurance professionals in Sri Lanka. As of now, we have articles which would benifit to Quality Assurance professionals. We are planning to have more articles / more materials soon.

Basically, We want to be your one stop solution provider.

What are your future plans ?

We have few ideas in our line up,

  • Blogs – We will publish your articles ( It doesn’t matter the complexity of the article )
  • Meetups Coverage – Have you missed Colombo PerfTest Meetup or Colombo Selenium Meetup or any of your favorite meetup ?  Don’t worry we got it for you. We will be covering those meetups.
  • Forum – Have any question about testing methodologies / testing type ? We will open up a forum to discuss these and industry experts will moderate it.
  • QA Expert Articles a.k.a QA DUMMY – MVT ( Most Valuable Testers ) – We will interview QA experts, We will talk about their experiences. We hope that would be helpful to our fellow colleagues to overcome their problems/ or get some insights on our industry.

Interested ?  Feel free to Contact us